Line of the Week Champions!

The boys in Room 3 and Prefab 12 were the worthy winners of our first Line of the Week challenge for 2019. Well done, boys!

There were great celebrations in both rooms last Friday after winning the yard trophy for being the best line at lining up after the bell goes 🏆

This is what the boys had to say…

Our class have been working extremely hard on our lining up recently, and last Friday the hard work payed off!
We made everyone proud when we received the trophy for Line of the Week.
We’re going to continue to do our best and see if we can retain our title for next week!
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Drum Nature

We made a wonderful racket on Tuesday at the Drum Nature Workshop with Neil.
We learned about many different drum and percussion instruments from around the world, like the djembe, the tubano, the agogo and the bongo drum.
We really enjoyed echoing and composing our own rhythms.
It was a complete musical experience!
Thank you to Neil from Drum Nature.
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We had great fun at the skipping workshop today in the P.E. hall.  We learned how to skip forwards, backwards, and some other skipping skills!
Many thanks to Mark from Skip ‘n’ Rope for coming in to show us how it’s done!
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Dublin Fire Brigade

Ms Murphy’s class really enjoyed a visit from the Fire Brigade on Friday. The firemen showed us the truck they drive, the equipment they use, and they even let us all have a go with the fire hose!

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