Maths Week 2019

As part of Maths Week, the boys will be given lots of different Maths challenges and activities to do.
Today, they had to estimate how many pom-poms were in the jar. Then we counted them!


There were 137 pom-poms in the jar. Aaron’s guess was closest. He guessed that there were 107 pom poms in the jar. He got to take a prize from the prize box!



The boys have also been doing Maths challenge where they are given a worksheet with addition. The activity is timed. Lots of boys were beating their time from yesterday.


Space Week 2019

The boys have been learning all about space for the past few days. Space week is held between 4th and 10th October.


They learnt about Neil Armstrong.


They made a list of 10 things that they would take to space in their rocket.


The boys got to make constellations using play dough and toothpicks.


The boys wrote about what they did in their copies and created and named their own constellations.




When I Grow Up I’d Like To Be…

This week, we discussed the jobs that people have in our community. The boys talked about what they would like to be when they grow up. We had youtubers, builders, teachers, gardaí and singers! Today, they painted pictures of themselves. Here is a sample of their wonderful work: