Ag Ullmhú an Crann Nollaig

Bhí na buachaillí ag éisteacht agus ag maisiú an Crann Nollaig.

  1. Cuir réalta ag barr an crann Nollaig.
  2. Cuir dath buí ar an réalta.
  3. Cuir fiche soilse ar an gcrann Nollaig.
  4. Cuir dath gorm, dearg agus oráiste ar na soilse.
  5. Cuir aingeal i lar an crann Nollaig.

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Letters to Santa

The boys have been busy writing letters to Santa! They wrote to tell him that they have been very good all year. They promised they’d leave out cookies and milk for Santa and a carrot for Rudolf when he visits!



Hallowe’en Fun!


The boys made these witches using newspaper for the face, wool and coloured paper for hair and a green card for a pointy nose!


The boys looked at a supermarket catalogue and cut and pasted sweets into their own trick-or-treat bags.


The boys went on a Witch Walk along the Navan Road. They enjoyed getting some fresh air as well as looking at the houses that were decorated with spooky ghosts and and pumpkins!


Our scary shape monsters!


Making a Balloon Powered Car

The boys really enjoyed making a balloon powered car for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.)  First, we talked about what we can do to be more environmentally friendly. We discussed renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. The boys wondered what we could do when sources of non-renewable energy run out. We decided it was best to become an engineer for the day and design our own balloon powered car!  They engaged very well with the STEM process by discussing, planning, designing, creating and testing their own cars!


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Drumming Workshop

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Using Microscopes

The boys enjoyed getting to use a microscope and microscope slides.

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1st Class Art Fun

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Methods of Transport and STEM boats

The boys were learning about transport. They learnt about different methods of transport and how transport has changed over time.

In English, they looked at transitive verbs giving them alternatives to overused verbs such as “walk”, “run” and “fly”. Now they can use “stroll”, “sprint” and “soar” in their writing.

They had to choose one (or more!) creative writing topics out of three. There was a choice of “A Friendly Alien that Came to Earth”, “Travelling Back in Time to See Dinosaurs” and “Travelling in a Time Machine 300 Years From Now”.

They read a comprehension about the Cutty Sark and learnt about summer safety, especially near water.

They even got to learn Báidín Fheilimí (Phelim’s Little Boat) on their tin-whistles.

Their STEM challenge was to make a boat out of recyclable materials. They e-mailed us to say that they had lots of fun and their siblings even made boats too!

These are some of the pictures the boys sent to Miss. Lavelle after they made their boat at home. Well done boys!

This is Louis’ boat.


This is Adam’s boat. He e- mailed us to say that he used a milk carton, skewer sticks, paper, masking tape and cardboard and then painted it!

Image previewImage preview

This is Luke’s boat complete with a sailor’s parrot!

Image previewImage preview


Rían made this beautiful boat his brother. He used a plastic egg tray, tin-foil, straws and decorated some paper sails. He worked very hard making the boat and best of all, it sails!

James had so much fun making his boat and got to float it in his bath!

Image previewImage preview

Image preview

The Coyle family had loads of fun making boats. They happily spent over two hours drawing, making and playing with their boats!

This is Daniel Coyle’s boat.

Image previewImage preview

Image preview

Image preview

Image preview

This is Ryan’s boat.

Image preview

This is Colton’s boat. He e-mailed us to say that he really enjoyed making it and might even make another!

Image preview

Ruairi’s boat was made out of Lego and tin-foil.

Image preview

Oisín made a dino-pirate ship! It floated for a little while but the pirate made it too heavy and it sank!

Image preview


This is Daniel Cush’s boat. He e-mailed us to say he really enjoyed making it.

This is Aaron’s boat.


Kaleb e-mailed us with his beautiful boat.

Image preview


Bhí ceilí mór ar siúl thíos sa halla i rith Seachtain na Gaeilge.

Féach ar na damhsóirí!


There was a ceilí held in the hall during Seachtain na Gailge.

Look at the dancers!



Engineers Week 2020

Engineers week was held between 29th February and 6th March. First we talked about the different types of engineers there are. Then we talked about the skills and qualities you would need to have to be a good engineer.


The boys got to make lots of different structures. Their first challenge was to build a structure that would hold a tennis ball. They were only given 25 straws and 60 c.m. of tape.


First the boys got to plan what they would like their structure to look like. They worked so well as a team to discuss their ideas and chose the best one for the group.

IMG_1968IMG_1970 IMG_1972IMG_1971  IMG_1974

Here are some of their sketches…





They got to work on making their design.




IMG_1984IMG_1987IMG_1989 IMG_1990 IMG_1991IMG_1993

Two groups made a structure that would hold the tennis ball.





During the week, the boys looked at bridges from around the world. We looked at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Tower Bridge in London and Ponte Vecchio in Florence.

We studied some famous engineers such as Thomas Telford. Then the boys got to make bridges in their groups using straws and masking tape.

9 Best Straw Bridge images | Straw bridge, Stem activities, Stem ...

The boys looked at the tallest buildings around the world. The top five were:

  1. Burj Khalifa in Dubai
  2.  Shanghai Tower in China
  3.  Abraj Al-Bait Clock Tower in Saudia Arabia
  4. Ping-An Finance Centre in China
  5.  Golden Finance 117 in China

The boys were challenged to make the tallest structure they could using paper cups.

The Solo Cup Engineering Challenge • TechNotes Blog



The boys got to make a marble run. They made it from cardboard. Miss. Lavelle turned the tables on there side so the boys had something to stick the cardboard against. It looked something like this!

16 Awesome DIY Cardboard Toys - March 2020 | Marble run, Cardboard ...

The boys really enjoyed the activities during engineers week. Lots of the boys in Miss. Lavelle’s class said that they would like to be engineers by the end of the week!