Teddy Bear Picnic

We had great fun today on our Teddy Bear’s Picnic!

Active School Week Day 5 – Orienteering!

We really enjoyed some Orienteering today! The boys had a great time doing this fun activity! We had a really great week doing Active School Week. Well done boys for participating so well and for enjoying all the different activities!

Sports Day Fun – Prefab 9

We had great fun today for Sports Day doing lots of different activities. We did relay races, basketball, goal shots, hurdles, the parachute, an obstacle course and more! All the boys earned gold medals for wonderful participation! Well done boys!
IMG_3151 IMG_3150 IMG_3149 IMG_3147 IMG_3146

Karate (Day 3 – Active School Week)

We had a great lesson on karate this morning! Thanks to Monica for coming in and teaching us today. Well done to the boys for all participating so well!

Aistear (The Farm) Prefab 9

We had more fun doing our Aistear activities today based on our theme ‘The Farm’.

IMG_3086 IMG_3084 IMG_3083 IMG_3081 IMG_3080

Active School Week Day 2 (Prefab 9)

We really enjoyed G.A.A. skills with our coach Mark. We had fun in P.E. learning a new game ‘The Train Game’ and playing some old favourites too – The Bean Game, Jockey and Horses and The Mr. Men game.

Taekwon-Do – Prefab 9

We really enjoyed trying out some new skills with Master Howard today!

Aistear (The Farm) Prefab 9

We started our Aistear theme of the Farm today. We had fun in our Farm Shop, making cows using paper plates, creating farm animals using playdough, playing with our farm toys and building barns using blocks!

IMG_2976 IMG_2975 IMG_2974 IMG_2973 IMG_2972 IMG_2971 IMG_2970 IMG_2969 IMG_2967 IMG_2966

Making Bears using fabric!

We used some fabric cuttings to make lovely bears. We enjoyed listening the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’.

IMG_2959 IMG_2960 IMG_2962 IMG_2963_LI IMG_2965

Maths activities and painting in Prefab 9!

IMG_2843 IMG_2844 IMG_2845 IMG_2846_LI IMG_2849 IMG_2850 IMG_2851 IMG_2852 IMG_2853 IMG_2854