Teddy Bear Picnic

We celebrated our last day of First Class going on a teddy bear picnic. We had so much fun!

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Phoenix Park Scavenger Hunt

How many places have you visited in the Phoenix Park?

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Our Graduation Day

Today is our Graduation Day! We will cherish all our wonderful memories made in St John Bosco JBS and look forward to all the wonderful adventures that await us in the Senior School!

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This week’s News

This week, one boy in Ms Marica’s class lost his first tooth, we went on our Phoenix Park virtual school tour, we completed our last Spelling test in First Class and we had so much fun creating our graduation hats for our graduation. How was your week?

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Fancy Dress Friday

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Sports Day at home!

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The boys in Room 1 put in great effort and had so much for Sports Day today!

Budding Scientists

IMG_20200518_152321 IMG_20200518_151809 IMG_20200518_151024 IMG_20200518_153129

New ways of schooling!

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We love to read!

Every perfect morning starts with a great book!

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Leonardo da Vinci

This week we’ve been learning about Leonardo da Vinci and some of his famous paintings like The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa. Here are some of our da Vinci paintings and pictures! Aren’t they fantastic?