The three Senior Infant classes had a Céilí Mór in the hall for Seachtain na Gaeilge.
Ms Ryan’s boys were very lucky as they had an Irish dancing lesson from Ms Sawyer before the Céilí!
All the boys really enjoyed the Céilí!
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Haka Gaelach

The Senior Infants learned the Haka Gaelach for their Céilí le haghaidh Seachtain na Gaeilge!

Bhí siad go hiontach!

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Making Pumpkin Buns

We made some buns in Room 4 using Rice Krispies, marshmallows and butter!

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Trip to the Bottle Bank!

We have been learning about recycling as part of SESE so we took a trip to the local bottle bank to recycle some glass!

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Ten Frames

We spent some time using ‘ten frames’ and learning about sums that add up to 10.

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Making Patterns

We spent some time making patterns using objects of different shapes and colours. We also looked for patterns all around us in school and at home.

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We enjoyed some orienteering in PE! We went on a hunt for pictures to match the ones on our page.

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Maths in Room 4

We had fun working in pairs to do some adding!

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We had great fun with our theme of Construction in Aistear. We planned and built interesting buildings, including a mansion and a library.

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Room 4 Art

We painted Pop Art pictures inspired by the famous artist Andy Warhol.

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