We love books 📚

Dancing Kings

We had so much fun this week in our PE lesson learning the cha cha slide and working in teams creating our own dance routines to some popular songs!


‘s’ is for snowmen!

Last week we learnt our first letter; the letter ‘s’. We listed lots of words that start with ‘s’ like snake, snow, Santa and snowmen. We then created our name snowmen to integrate Art with our English lessons.

Baking Together

We had a great treat on Friday when we baked together. We got to go to the staffroom and made our own mug cakes. We mixed flour,  hot choco and sugar together. Then we mixed in an egg and marshmallows. We patiently waited for it to bake and had great fun eating it after our lunch!


Mr Bump

We read and painted Mr Bump this week in theme with Halloween.

Fine Motor Friday

We had so much fun at our fine motor stations today.
We had fun threading beads, cutting, creating patterns with pegs and practicing our grip with tweezers and pom poms!
Can you believe we are on level 7 of our cutting? Teacher said we are becoming pros !!

Spooky Spider Season

Morning Builders

We were super busy this morning building homes for our farm animals! Which one is your favourite ?

Our Autumn Nature Table

Thanks to all the lovely boys in our class bringing in leaves, conkers, acorns, pinecones, corn and pumpkins, our Nature Table is now complete. We are so happy with it!

Picturebook Thursday

We love bringing teacher in our favourite picturebooks for teacher to read to us! Some of our favourite books include ‘The Tiger who came for Tea’, ‘The Pigeon doesn’t want to go to School’ and all of Julia Donaldson’s books!