Physical Education

Physical Education

A broad P.E. curriculum is delivered, at all class levels. Each class receives one hour per week of physical education. Our school allocates a balanced amount of teaching time to each of the different P.E. strands over the course of the school year. Taking part in the Active School Flag initiative has helped us to focus on how we can improve on the provision of P.E. in our school. This year our school has chosen to prioritise Dance as our P.E. strand for further development. Two teachers attended the Move Well, Move Often seminar in November 2018. This was followed by a Croke Park hour where the teachers shared the new ideas and knowledge they had gained at the seminar. The Croke Park hour also included a practical demonstration of the Walk Around Ireland dance, where all teachers were taught the dance. Teachers then taught the dance to their classes in P.E. lessons.

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As part of Seachtain na Gaeilge in March 2018, all classes participated in Céilí dances. Junior Infants classes came together for a Céilí Mór on Tuesday 12th March. Senior Infants also came together for a Céilí Mór on Tuesday. Each of the three first classes held their own individual class Céilí and took part in different tradition Irish dances.

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All teachers plan together in their year groups and use the PSSI lesson plans to guide their planning. All P.E. lessons are planned so that they are accessible by all pupils.

Children’s progress in all curriculum subjects, including P.E., is discussed with parents at the Parent Teacher Meetings in February. The end of year report also includes a section on P.E.

Our P.E. equipment is stored in a central location within the school which is accessible to all. We did an audit of our P.E. equipment at the start of the school year and sorted all the equipment into clear plastic boxes. Larger P.E. equipment including footballs, basketballs and hoola hoops are stored in an outdoor shed.

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Update on PE Equipment

The boys on the Active School Committee thought that even though our P.E. equipment is in clear boxes, we should label the boxes as ‘some things might look similar’.
A big thank you to Alison for labeling the equipment.
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We also received additional P.E. equipment in December 2018 from our local GAA club, St. Oliver Plunkett Eoghan Ruadh GAA Club. We very much appreciate this support from Mark Cooper, Games Promotion Officer and John Quilter, Club Chairman.


This year, as part of our review of how we teach P.E., we have recognised the importance of promoting physical activity both at home and in school. We have introduced Move on Monday, where P.E. homework is given to all pupils.