Working hard in Room 7!

We are working very hard during our Literacy Stations. We are continuing work on counting syllables in words, strengthening our fine motor skills with play dough and working on our pencil control. Well done boys!

Circle Time fun!

We had fun today during Circle Time – we took turns using the microphone to speak and all listened to each other so well and waited patiently for our turn. Well done boys!

Maths in Room 7

This week we were working on weight in Maths. We spent some time using bucket balances and we used the words heavy, light, heavier and lighter.

Science Week

It was Science Week this week so we did some experiments in Room 7. We became scientists and made predictions, asked questions and observed the results. We put gummy bears in different liquids to see what happened, we did a fun experiment with Skittles and hot and cold water, we put celery into water with red food colouring and raisins into soda water.

Literacy stations in Room 7

We are working hard during our Literacy Stations. We are working on our pre-writing skills, our fine motor skills, our listening skills and our phonological awareness skills. We rotate our activities. The boys are doing very well learning to work independently for some of their activities and for some of their activities and games they work with a teacher. Well done boys!


Fire brigade visit part 2!

Fun fire brigade visit!

Today we had a lovely surprise as we had a visit from some firemen with their fire truck! We had such fun as they let us try out using their fire hose and we also got to climb up into the fire truck!


Happy Hallowe’en!

The boys in Room 7 all had such fantastic costumes. We had a great time on our Witch Walk today and also did a fun Hallowe’en picture hunt in our classroom. Happy Hallowe’en everyone!



Maths work in Room 7

The boys in Room 7 have been working hard on their Maths skills. We have been making patterns, making sets, making sets with odd ones out and doing lots of sorting and matching.

Painting Winnie the Witch.

We loved reading the story ‘Winnie the Witch’. Well done boys on a great job painting Winnie – all of the paintings turned out so well and the boys worked so hard on them.