Parents’ Association

For workshops and events, our school depends upon the help and fundraising efforts of the Parents’ Association.  The PA is an informal group of parents that meet for about an hour, every 4 – 6 weeks. 
We give hands-on help by being at inductions, graduations, Christmas festivities, the annual book fair, Christmas raffle, sponsored walk and bake sale.  We also created a contact list for all the classes, to help parents’ get in touch with one another.
Our fundraising efforts pay for educational resources (laptops, tablets, maths equipment), school tour buses, and special activities and workshops for the boys (Belfast museum, drumming, Big Bear Planetarium, Pottery, Magic of Music, child psychologist talks).  Even the artificial grass was in the yard was funded by the PA!
We are a sounding board for the principal and discuss items and concerns as they arise.  Since boys stay at the junior boys’ school for only three years, parents also move on.  It is a constant rotation.  The more parents we have, the less there is for everyone to do.  We always welcome any help, morning or evening.  The more helpers we have, the easier it is on all of us – we are all busy parents!
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