A visit from the Garda band

Garda Band

The Garda Band came to perform some Christmas songs for us. They really got us into the Christmas spirit.


An Unexpected Visitor

We had an unexpected visitor today in Prefab 9. Santa heard about all the great work we have been doing so he popped in to check it out. We sang him a song and told him how good we’ve been.

The Solar System

We learned all about the solar system and made amazing projects all about the planets.

We love Science!

We celebrated Science Week i


Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Room 5

A special visitor

Today we had a special visitor: Garda Ciara. We had fun trying on the uniform, learning about the job of a garda and staying safe during Halloween!

Our School Tour – Red Mountain Farm

We had a fabulous time on our school tour at Red Mountain Farm. We saw lots of different animals, rode around the farm on the Blue Express, fed the goats, and had some time in the farmyard playground. The boys had an amazing day!

Our first trip: Redmountain Farm

Fitter Younger Marathon