Room 1 School Tour

The boys had an amazing day at Red Mountain Open Farm. They got on the bus, sang all the way to the farm and had so much fun. We were so proud of them; they were kind, patient, gentle with the animals and as always, fantastic friends to one another.




Sports Day

We had great fun today participating in sports day.


We are squeezing as much fun as we can into our last two weeks of school! After our first attempt to play outside was interrupted by rain, we finally got a chance to use our bubbles. The boys are still working very hard  and some fun outside playing with friends was well deserved.

Art in Action!

Another beautiful day gave us yet another opportunity to bring our learning outside. We looked at the art of some famous street artists and pop artists and we used their work as inspiration for our own ‘street art.’ The boys really enjoyed working in pairs to bring their learning to life!








Ashtown Castle

We had a fantastic day at Ashtown Castle. We enjoyed a tour of the castle, played in the playground, had a picnic and finished with a very tense soccer match. A great day had by all.

Stations in the sunshine!

The boys had lots of fun playing outside. They used lots of the skills they have learned in PE this year and really enjoyed themselves. This is such a lovely time of year in school!

The Final Laps!

The oldest boy in our class was asked to run the second last lap of our marathon today and pass the baton to one of our Junior Infant boys for the final lap.

We could not be prouder of the boys in Room 1, they gave so much encouragement and support to each other and to our final runner!


Our boys worked together to run a marathon, we are very proud of each and every one of them. Well done boys!

Fitter Younger

We were delighted to be the class who ran the final set of laps of our Fitter Younger Marathon today. The boys made an amazing effort and it was clear to see that all of their hard work running their daily mile each day is paying off. They are all fantastic athletes!

Jellyfish Art

This week we have been learning about ocean animals and talking about the sea. We made beautiful jellyfish pictures using paint, chalk pastels and oil pastels. Then, we added some interesting facts about jellyfish to complete our work.


We had a fantastic day at Bloom. We saw a sheep being sheared and learned all about cows. Then we learned about different vegetables and fruit. Finally we had a talk about the food pyramid and what food is healthy for us. We had a fabulous day.