Science Week Fun

We mixed vinegar and baking soda and created a chemical reaction. It was lots of fun to see it bubble.

Science Superstars!

The  boys in Room 1 have been working very hard during Science Week. We have been conducting interesting experiments and observing the results. We have been learning Science-themed words like ‘hypothesis’, ‘investigate’ and ‘observation’. We mixed lots of different materials and we noticed that sugar dissolves in water. We were keen to investigate this further, so we conducted the sweets experiment! We formed a hypothesis, we thought that the sugar in the sweets would dissolve in water. Look at the amazing patterns formed during our experiment.

Lunar Craters

We are learning about the moon! We watched clips of the first moon landing and we have been learning about how astronauts survive in space. We discovered that the lunar surface is covered in a fine powder and that lunar craters can be formed when asteroids and meteorites strike the moon. We wanted to investigate how craters are formed. We observed that craters are formed when something crashes into a dusty surface. We really enjoyed dropping the ‘asteroids’ into our ‘lunar surfaces.’


Witch Walk

We hope we didn’t scare too many people on our walk today. 

Spooky Fun

We had great fun dressing up today. Everyone looked frighteningly good.

Haunted Houses

We worked very hard constructing our haunted houses. They looked spooktacular when they were finished.

We are scientists!

The boys in Room 1 have really enjoyed our Science lessons recently. This week, we dissected pumpkins.The boys did a wonderful job of finding the skin, pulp, seeds, stem and fibrous strands. This experiment gave us lots of opportunities for language development and hands on exploration and most importantly, we had lots of fun!

Spooky Ghosts

Pumpkin Pictures

We wrote a poem about pumpkins and made beautiful pumpkin pictures.

Golden Time

After a week of very hard work the boys deserved some well earned Golden Time.