Mission Statement

St John Bosco Junior Boys’ School is a Catholic school. We aim to provide a happy, secure environment where children, parents, teachers, ancillary staff and the Board of Management work in partnership; where each individual is valued, encouraged and respected for their uniqueness.

The years children spend in the Infant School are very important as they form the foundation of all their future learning and will influence their attitude to education generally.

We aim to provide a school which is a truly happy, caring place, where goodwill, friendliness, sympathy and understanding exists between teachers, children and parents.

We endeavour to provide a happy, secure environment so that children will progress with enjoyment and develop an eagerness to learn and go on learning.

We want each child to work to the best of their ability and to achieve this, the work is carefully planned to meet the individual needs of each child.

We attach great importance to the development of basic skills so that children can learn to talk and write fluently, to read, to love and appreciate books and to acquire a sound basis in mathematics and computer skills. We aim to stimulate an interest in the Irish language and culture.

We aim to provide wide experiences and activities which will involve areas of learning such as Music, Art, Drama, Physical Education and Social, Personal and Health Education to help the child to understand the world in which we live.

Throughout all our teaching we encourage the children to reason, to question, to think for themselves and to use their own initiative and encourage independence.

Children will learn to make relationships with older and younger children, with teachers and other adults developing their own personalities and appropriate standards of behaviour. We encourage children to make the most of these opportunities of friendship, to be thoughtful of others and to become a considerate member of the community, so that they may understand the inter-dependence of individuals, groups and of nations.

We believe children make the best progress when home and school are working closely together and it is to promote this aim that we try to make individual contact with all parents to encourage an easy informality between parents and staff.