Carol Service

The boys learned lots of songs for the Carol Service and thankfully their hard work paid off! Well done boys, you were all amazing!!

Christmas fun in Room 5

The boys have had a lot of fun activities to help us get into the Christmas spirit!

A visit from the Garda band

Gingerbread men

The boys were so excited to decorate their own gingerbread man but were even more excited to eat them!

Fire Engine fun

The boys had a very special visit from the local Firemen with their truck today! The boys were so lucky and got to try the hose they use when putting out fires, sit in their truck and learn about the different equipment they need to help people. The firemen were very impressed by the boys questions they asked. It was so exciting! ‍

Mixing Colours

We learned that the primary colours are red, yellow and blue. When we mixed the primary colours together, we made secondary colours.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Room 5

Blitz in Plunketts

We had a lot of fun at the GAA blitz in Plunketts. The boys got to play lots of different matches and teams! We were also lucky enough to meet three of the ladies footballers who won the All Ireland final in August.