Exploring our new train set🚂🛤

Making our Christmas Shoebox 🎁for Team Hope 💙

Last week, we talked about some Christmas traditions and learned about children in other countries who may not be so fortunate as us.

We learned about Team Hope, a charity who runs the Christmas Shoebox Appeal every year (you can learn more about them here and watch this video).

We talked about what we might put into the shoebox using the 4Ws – something to WRITE WITH, something to WASH WITH, something to WEAR, and something to WOW.

We made a shopping list of everything we needed. We then organised our items into the 4Ws categories, packed up our shoebox, wrapped it up as a present and decorated it.

The boys showed admirable generosity and experienced a great sense of joy and pride by making this shoebox for another child – a completely selfless act.

Well done Prefab 12!

Happy Halloween! 👻🎃💀

Pumpkin carving, Dress-up Day and our Halloween Party!

Baking Rice Krispie Buns

We had a special treat this week. We made Rice Krispie buns! We practised hand hygiene when cooking and handling food. We measured how much chocolate we needed and how much mixture to scoop into our bun cases. We even got to lick our spoons at the end! 

The boys in Prefab 12 had great fun exploring materials we collected on our Nature Walk this week.

We felt the crunching leaves, smelled the fresh grass and watched as the helicopter seeds gently hovered towards the ground.