Our School Tour – Red Mountain Farm

We had a fabulous time on our school tour at Red Mountain Farm. We saw lots of different animals, rode around the farm on the Blue Express, fed the goats, and had some time in the farmyard playground. The boys had an amazing day!

Ashtown Castle

We had an amazing day in Ashtown Castle. We learned about the history of the castle, saw a model of the entire Phoenix Park in the visitor centre, and learned about the different flowers and animals in the park. We ended the day with a picnic and some time in the playground.

Fitter Younger Marathon


We went to the Bloom Festival in the Phoenix Park. We saw a sheep being sheared and learned about Daisy the Cow (who produces up to 28 litres of milk everyday!). We explored the fruit and vegetable patches and even got to try some herbs like mint and thyme. We ended the day with a talk with Niamh about the food pyramid and snacked on some fresh apples and carrot slices.

Day 4: Relay Races!

The boys showed great coordination and team work today during our Relay Race activity. They listened to the coach, waiting their turn and worked great together! They finished the activity with a few laps of the yard. Well done boys!

Day 3: GAA

Taekwondo with Master Howard

Today marks the first day of Active Schools Week. Every day this week we have a different activity to celebrate the world of fitness and physical activity. This morning, we went to the hall to do Taekwondo with Master Howard. The boys showed great balance and control when working with Master Howard. Please see their homework folders for more information regarding Taekwondo classes with Master Howard.

Building our Dream House

Part of our theme this month has been houses, homes and community. We learned about brick houses, cottages, mansions, bungalows, apartments, castles and much more. We discussed how different buildings are made from different materials, such as brick, stone, tile roofs and thatched roofs. We identified different parts of buildings such as doors, windows, gardens and bedrooms.
After a lot of thinking and planning, each student got the opportunity to build their dream home. Some have lots of windows. Some have tiled roofs, others have flat roofs. Some have big gardens with fences and even a pool! A lot of imaginative thinking shown throughout these learning experiences.

The Water Cycle

We’ve been learning about the water cycle. The water cycle is the way that water moves all around the Earth. It never stops, it does not have a beginning or an end. It’s like a big circle! We sang our Water Cycle Rap to help us understand the four stages of the water cycle – Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation and Collection.


GAA Training – Practising some Catching Skills!