The boys loved learning about the Arctic and the Antarctic and they were interested to learn that it’s not just the Earth that has a North Pole and a South Pole! Magnets also have a north and south pole. We had great fun exploring with magnets in our classroom.


Praiseworthy poetry!

The boys in Room 1 have made the most amazing progress since September. They have been working very hard on their independent writing and produced these wonderful poems. We are very proud of their work.


We learned about Christopher Columbus and his journey to discover America. We made his ship the Santa Maria, and wrote about his life and voyage. 


We created a stunning display for outside our room. If you look closely each snowball tells you an interesting penguin fact.

Busy at Maths

We are learning about tens and units in class. We also have fun playing maths games.


We learned all about Antarctica. We studied the climate, the animals who live there, who visits it, and about famous explorers who survived the journey to it. We worked hard to create creative, informative, artistic projects.

On Fridays we get Golden Time

Exploring the Solar System

We love learning about Jesus

Artists in training