Sports day 2023 ☀️


We went to the Bloom Festival in the Phoenix Park. We saw a sheep being sheared and learned about Daisy the Cow (who produces up to 28 litres of milk everyday!). We explored the fruit and vegetable patches and even got to try some herbs like mint and thyme. We ended the day with a talk with Niamh about the food pyramid and snacked on some fresh apples and carrot slices.

We love Parachute Games

We had so much fun today playing Parachute Games and learning to play as a team!

Whole School Dance-athon!

To end our fabulous sports day we had a whole school dance-athon! We had so much fun!

Ms Murphy’s Junior Infants

Ms Coneely’s Senior Infants

Ms Marica’s Junior Infants

Ms Markey’s & Ms Carr’s Senior Infants

Ms Kenny’s Junior Infants

Sports Day Fun Day

We had a great day today for our first ever Sports Day. We did lots of activities such as:


Hula Hoop Toss



Relay Races & Egg and Spoon Race


And our favourite: Parachute Games!

We ended the day with a whole school dance-athon! It was a fabulous day!


We had a fantastic day at Bloom. We saw a sheep being sheared and learned all about cows. Then we learned about different vegetables and fruit. Finally we had a talk about the food pyramid and what food is healthy for us. We had a fabulous day.

Taekwondo fun

The boys started active school week with an exciting Taekwondo lesson from Master Howard! It was fun to try a new sport!

Day 4: Relay Races!

The boys showed great coordination and team work today during our Relay Race activity. They listened to the coach, waiting their turn and worked great together! They finished the activity with a few laps of the yard. Well done boys!

Day 3: GAA

Day 4: Running Relays