Making Pumpkin Buns

We made some buns in Room 4 using Rice Krispies, marshmallows and butter!

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Trip to the Bottle Bank!

We have been learning about recycling as part of SESE so we took a trip to the local bottle bank to recycle some glass!

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Ten Frames

We spent some time using ‘ten frames’ and learning about sums that add up to 10.

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Making Patterns

We spent some time making patterns using objects of different shapes and colours. We also looked for patterns all around us in school and at home.

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We enjoyed some orienteering in PE! We went on a hunt for pictures to match the ones on our page.

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Maths in Room 4

We had fun working in pairs to do some adding!

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We had great fun with our theme of Construction in Aistear. We planned and built interesting buildings, including a mansion and a library.

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Room 4 Art

We painted Pop Art pictures inspired by the famous artist Andy Warhol.

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