Planting in Prefab 9

Today we planted seeds. We planted peas, cress and spinach. We watered them and put them in a sunny place. We will look after them. We hope that they will grow.


IMG_7604 IMG_7603 IMG_7599 IMG_7598 IMG_7596 IMG_7595 IMG_7594

Farmyard in our Schoolyard!

The boys in Prefab 9 enjoyed a visit from some farm animals today. They had great fun learning about the animals and getting a chance to pet them.

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Odd Sock Day

The boys in Prefab 9 wore odd socks today to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day!

IMG_7435 IMG_7433

Zumba in Prefab 9

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Lá Glas in Prefab 9!

We are really enjoying being dressed up in our eadaí glas for St Patrick’s Day today!

Prefab 9 La Glas


Yvonne brought Seamus and Padraig to visit us today!

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Making Aliens

Pancake Party

Pancake Party


We painted monsters.