Friendly Farm Animals

A visit from some friendly farm animals!

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Two in a Row!

Line of the Week Champions – Two weeks in a Row!!


Easter Bunny!

We had a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny in Prefab 12.

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World Autism Day

To mark World Autism Day our class were kitted out in blue from head to toe!  Some of us even had blue hair for the day!
We were kindly welcomed into the A.S.D unit next door for a tour of the classroom.  We watched a video and learned a lot about autism when we asked Ms. Hartnett some questions. We learned that “having autism is very like having too many radio stations on at once, and it’s hard to listen to just one voice at a time.”
We got to see the sensory room, the swing, the trampoline and other interesting things. We really enjoyed visiting our next door neighbours and learning more about the work they do.  Thank you to the pupils and staff in Prefab 11!
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Drop Everything and Run!

Prefab 12 have been training hard to reach our running goal of 5 laps around the yard without stopping. We are working on running at a slow and steady pace. Each day we run a little bit further to increase our fitness.
Keep up the great work everybody!
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Busy with Bricks!

Prefab 12 were lucky to get a visit from Bricks 4 Kidz on Monday.
This workshop taught the principles of science, technology, engineering and maths through Lego.  Everybody was given a toolbox of Lego pieces that were needed and an instructions booklet.  We got straight to work!  We worked as engineers to make a clock tower based on Big Ben in London.  We even added a motor so that the clock hands could turn.
The clock towers turned out brilliant.  Thank you Brick 4 Kidz for visiting our classroom!
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Seachtain na Gaeilge and St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Prefab 12!

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Yummy Pancakes

Pancake Tuesday was certainly tasty in Prefab 12!

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Line of the Week Champions!

The boys in Room 3 and Prefab 12 were the worthy winners of our first Line of the Week challenge for 2019. Well done, boys!

There were great celebrations in both rooms last Friday after winning the yard trophy for being the best line at lining up after the bell goes 🏆

This is what the boys had to say…

Our class have been working extremely hard on our lining up recently, and last Friday the hard work payed off!
We made everyone proud when we received the trophy for Line of the Week.
We’re going to continue to do our best and see if we can retain our title for next week!
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Drum Nature

We made a wonderful racket on Tuesday at the Drum Nature Workshop with Neil.
We learned about many different drum and percussion instruments from around the world, like the djembe, the tubano, the agogo and the bongo drum.
We really enjoyed echoing and composing our own rhythms.
It was a complete musical experience!
Thank you to Neil from Drum Nature.
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