Ag Siúl

The whole school walked down to Ashington Green for our Lá Glas.

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St Patrick’s Day Art

St. Patrick’s Day Art
The boys did beautiful work. They did finger painting to create a rainbow.
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The three Senior Infant classes had a Céilí Mór in the hall for Seachtain na Gaeilge.
Ms Ryan’s boys were very lucky as they had an Irish dancing lesson from Ms Sawyer before the Céilí!
All the boys really enjoyed the Céilí!
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World Book Day

We really enjoyed World Book Day this year! First we read The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. The boys loved the story! Then we did some after reading activities.
The boys also chose their favourite book from our class library for DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) time.
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The boys love learning new GAA skills with Mark.
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Drum Nature

The boys loved playing with all of the different instruments in the music workshop. They really enjoyed playing the rhythms. They played ‘1, 2, 3, have a cup of tea and ‘If you say a rhythm, you can play a rhythm’. There was also some great dancing to the music.

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String Quartet

The boys really enjoyed listening to the violins, viola and the double bass. The conductor was excellent and did a great job directing all the boys.

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The boys made their own buildings and put them together to make small towns.

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PE – Dance

The boys worked on their balance as they did the Walk Around Ireland dance.

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Christmas Magic!

It was a magical day in school. The boys saw a rainbow in the yard and when they came in we had a very special visit from Mrs Claus!

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