Whiteboard work in Prefab 9

Today we used small whiteboards to practise mark making and drawing. We sang the song ‘Mat man’ to help us to draw a person. The link for this song is https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ec7J57YewxQ.  We also tried writing our sound for this week – s. The boys enjoyed using the whiteboards!

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This week in Prefab 9.


In Prefab 9 this week we are learning the sound ‘s’. The boys could look at home for things that begin with s. We have created an ‘s’ table in our classroom with items that begin with s.

We have also been spending more time on making sets and sorting and matching.



We are very lucky because a librarian is coming to visit our class this week. We have prepared some questions to ask her about her work.

We are learning ‘ag léamh, ag scríobh and ag gáire in Irish.

Could you send in a photo of your son when he was a baby (with his name written on the back) as we will be using this for our work on the theme ‘Myself’ in History. I will return these when we are finished using them.

Many thanks.

Hedgehogs in Prefab 9

As part of our work on autumn we read a book about hedgehogs . We then created spiky hedgehogs using crayons and paint.




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Maths activities

Today we did Maths stations in Prefab 9! The boys spent 10 minutes at each station doing various maths activities. They made patterns with beads, patterns on peg boards, played a dice game with cubes, made maths jigsaws and played a counting game on the interactive whiteboard. The boys had great fun doing these hands on activities. 
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Extra time for fun in the yard for European Sports Day

We had some extra yard time to celebrate European Sports Day. We played the game ‘Shopkeeper, shopkeeper’ and had fun doing other exercises too.



Aistear in Prefab 9


Our theme for Aistear this month is ‘Myself and My Family’. We will be having lots of fun this month role playing in the home corner, playing with toy houses for our Small World activities and designing and building houses with various types of blocks. For our Creative/Junk Ark work it would be great if the boys could bring in some empty cardboard boxes from home e.g cereal boxes or shoe boxes as we will be using these to make houses.

This week the boys will visit the school library. They will choose a book to bring home and enjoy reading with their family. Please mind this book carefully and keep it in your son’s school bag as we will change these books every week. These books can be read to the boys purely for enjoyment.

Thank you.

Prefab 9

Here are some of things we have been learning in Prefab 9 this week:

In Irish we are learning about ‘An Scoil’ (The School). We have been learning names of items in our classroom – doras, cófra, mála scoile, fuinneog, cathaoir and bord. The boys have been doing great work answering the questions ‘Cad é sin? Sin _____. We have been learning the colour dearg also.

In English we are learning the rhyme ‘Two Little Dicky Birds’ and have been practising our pre writing skills by drawing wavy lines, short lines and curls! We have also been learning the days of the week and the seasons.

In Art we made prints using Lego blocks using the colours purple and green. We made our own Mr. Happy after we read the story.

In Maths we have been continuing with our Early Mathematical Activities with the focus on matching items of the same characteristics.

Flynn and Christopher both turned 5 this month! Happy Birthday to both boys!

We are looking forward to more great learning and fun in October!

A great start to September!


The boys in Prefab 9 have settled in very well to their new school! Here are some of the fun topics we have been covering to date in September:

Irish – We have been doing work on Mé Féin.  The boys have been saying the rhymes – Rolaí Polaí, Is Mise an Traein, Lámh, Lámh Eile and Tá Teidí ag siúl. They have also been learning how to say ‘Is mise ______.! They are also learning to name the body parts in Irish.

Maths – The boys have been learning the rhymes 1,2,3,4,5 Once I Caught a Fish Alive and 1,2,3 Mammy Caught a Flea. They have been working hard matching and sorting items of the same colour, shape and size.

English – We have been learning Nursery Rhymes (Humpty Dumpty, Little Miss Muffet, Hey Diddle Diddle) and naming the rhyming words in each poem. We have been reading the words ‘the’ and ‘a’.

Well done to all the boys on a super start to the school year!