Up the Dubs! 5 in a row!!

We were very lucky to welcome Dublin players Bernard Brogan & Sean Bulger with the Sam Maguire cup to prefab 8 today. Lots of excitement! Up the Dubs!! 20191015_113707




Ms. Murphy’s First Class are having lots of fun at GAA training with coach Mark from St. Oliver Plunkett

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Basketball skills

Ms. Murphy’s First Class have been learning basketball skills in P.E. They learnt the chest pass, the bounce pass, dribbling skills and how to work as a team. Ms. Murphy thinks, there are some future basketball players in the class, the boys were excellent! 20190917_101506 20190917_101512(0) 20190917_102104 20190910_102018 20190910_102020 20190910_102510 20190917_101552 20190917_101558

Book reviews in First Class

Ms. Murphy’s First Class enjoyed the novel Esio Trot by Roald Dahl. Here are some of our book reviews.Book review 20190925_135303 20190925_135318 20190925_135207