Seachtaine na Gaeilge

Rinneamar ceiliúradh do Sheachtaine na Gaeilge sa scoil seo. Bhain na páistí an taitneamh as an gclár gníomhaíochtaí agus cluichí.

D’fhoghlaim na páistí an Ballaí Luimnigh thíos sa halla.

Féach ar na rinceoirí iontacha sa phictiúr seo. Tá siad reidh don damsha!


D’fhoghlaim na páistí an Haka Gaelach! Sílim go raibh siad níos fearr ná na All Blacks!



IMG_2252 IMG_2247 IMG_2246


Chuaigh muid ar siúlóid timpeall na scoil. Bhí bratach nÉireann ag na páistí agus chan siad an t-amhrán is fearr leo “Chuala mise Éinín“. Tá an t-amhrán ar fáil tríd an naisc seo


Phéinteáil na páistí leipreacháin ag úsáid forcanna chun an féasóg a dhéanamh.



D’imir muid go leor cluichí mar shampla, deir ó ghradaigh, mím, biongó agus éist agus tarraing.

IMG_2237 IMG_2236 IMG_2235IMG_2243


Is ór soladach rang a hAon!

IMG_2242 IMG_2240



Christmas Cards for the Nephin Nursing Home, Navan Road

The boys made some beautiful Christmas cards and we walked to the nursing home to deliver them.

IMG_2226 IMG_2227

Christmas Nativity Crib Art

IMG_2202 IMG_2203 IMG_2204 IMG_2205 IMG_2206 IMG_2207

Skype Call to Ben Montet, Astronomer

This week we were very lucky to Skype call Ben Montet a Canadian astronomer based in Australia.

He told us all about what an astronomer does and that he specializes in finding out about new planets. The boys asked him lots of super questions and Ben kindly and patiently answered all of them!

Here are some things we found out:

Jupitar is 1000 times bigger than earth. It would take you 6 years to get to Jupitar on the fastest rocket.

Astronomers have sent probes to find out why Saturn has rings around it. They are not exactly sure why it has rings around it but it more than likely is caused by pieces of moon falling into orbit and joined onto the area around the planet.

The sun is really hot, 10 million degrees in fact! The inner part of the sun is the hottest part of the whole solar system.

The solar system is almost 5 billion years old.

If you flew straight up for 100 km, you would be in space.

Asteroids come in different sizes but are generally about the size of a car.

We have 24 hours on earth with a day and night because it is constantly rotating. Jupitar is the fastest spinning. One day on Jupiter is 10 hours long.

Venus, on the other hand, rotates at a much slower pace. A day on Venus is 8 months long! So, for example, day time is four months long and night time is another 4 months!

Anytime you see a shooting star- that’s an asteroid.

An asteroid about the size of Dublin hit Mexico. It can still be seen under the ocean.

Star’s are not twinkling they are just sitting there. Wind on earth, pollution, smog, water, cloud, oxygen, carbon dioxide, e.t.c changes the way the light from the star looks.

Astronomers are not sure exactly what is inside the black hole. It’s really difficult to see inside it. Also, anyone that would go into the black whole would be stretched in a process called spaghettification!

The solar system is 5 billion years old. It took 100 million years to form the moon which was formed by a collision that took place about 100-200 million years ago.

There are about 10 billion galaxies.IMG_2186 IMG_2187 IMG_2188


This is a picture of Jupitar.


IMG_2189 IMG_2190

Bualadh Bos!

Bualadh bos, bualadh bos, bualadh bos go léir. Tá Daidí na Nollaig at teacht anois, anuas an simléar.

IMG_2197 IMG_2198 IMG_2199 IMG_2201

The Elf on the Shelf

The elf on the shelf has been very busy in room 7! Here are a few things that he has been doing in our classroom. The boys also wrote a morning report about him!

IMG_2158 IMG_2159 IMG_2160 IMG_2161 IMG_2162

IMG_2154 IMG_2195IMG_2196 IMG_2155

Posting Christmas Postcards and Elf Spottings

This week, the boys went to post their Christmas postcards. On our way we spotted some elves! We had lots of fun counting all of them. There were 7 in total, including Cookie McSnowflake.


Cookie McSnowflake

IMG_2164 IMG_2166 IMG_2167 Even elves like doing the dab!


IMG_2174 IMG_2175 IMG_2172

IMG_2177An elf on a swing!


IMG_2178 IMG_2179 IMG_2180

Winter Mittens


IMG_2135 IMG_2132


The Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf is visiting our classroom to make sure the boys are being good. He will be reporting back to Santa on all the good work the boys have been doing.

IMG_2152 IMG_2153

Making Shadows

The boys have been learning about shadows and had lots of fun making animal hand shadow puppets.



IMG_2138 IMG_2139