Spooky Prefab 8

Some ghosts and ghouls have taken over our classroom! Look at those wicked witches legs!! 2A7E9FE9-8C74-4232-84E2-958BA6335AC6

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Artist of The Week

Congratulations to Leo who created a beautiful unique Autumn Tree, tracing his arm for the tree trunk, his handprint for the branches and lots of fingerprints which represent all the different coloured leaves on the trees. Well done Leo! 2D74CF56-A52A-4FCB-B417-40A5BA59E58E

Autumn Activities

There’s no doubt that Autumn is well and truly here! We have been very busy creating Autumn scenes and learning all about the season of hibernation and beautiful colours 🍁🍂

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A Special Visitor

Thank you to Garda Shane, our community Garda who came to visit our classroom on Friday. A special shout out to our mini honorary Gardaí Finn and Harry!!
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Guess the Baby!

Look at these cute little baby faces! We have all changed so much since we were babies. We are taller, can run faster, jump higher, but are just as cute  You can watch the video on the link below. Be sure to keep an eye out for your pals and teachers!

Guess The Baby Video



Artist of the Week

This week we learned all about the Artist Kandinsky. He uses lots of bright colours to create concentric circles. Congratulations to our Artist of the Week Ben! Super colourful circles Ben!D4D93B4E-E382-428A-A8AB-96720B22412D

Artist of the Week

Well done to our Artist of the Week Finn!



Busy morning activities

This week in Prefab 8 we have been very busy during our morning activities. We have learned to take turns when playing the Shopping List board game, sequence our nursery rhymes and we have spent lots of time practising our fine motor skills with peg board patterns, play dough, cutting and sticking, and scribble art.

Look at these busy bees 🐝

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Artist of the Week

Well done to Mikey, our Artist of the Week. He drew a seriously scary scarecrow!!

Self Portrait Artist of the Week


Last week we spent lots of time looking at our beautiful faces in the mirror. We are all special and look different to our friends.

We created our own self portraits to show how different we all are.
Congratulations to Joshua who was our Artist of the Week last week. His self portrait is very recognisable! Well done Joshua!