Merry Christmas from Room 7

The boys in Room 7 have been working hard creating lots of lovely Christmas Art, writing Christmas stories and preparing for our play Hey Ewe. Here are some pictures of their fantastic work.

Principal’s Newsletter December 2017

Principal’s Newsletter November 2017


We had a visit from Bernard Brogan and the Sam Maguire today. Great excitement! 

Graffiti Classics

We had a visit from a string quartet today. Thank you to the Parents’ Association for funding this fabulous workshop!

Witch Walk

School closure

In line with the Department of Education decision, our school will remain closed tomorrow, Tuesday 17th October. See you all on Wednesday. Thank you.  

Red weather warning 

As per DES statement, our school will remain closed tomorrow, 16th October, due to the Red Weather Warning. Stay safe, everyone. Thank you.

Principal’s Newsletter October 2017

Principal’s Newsletter September 2017