Halloween Fun!

Having a Spooktacular time in Room 5!IMG_1343 IMG_1344IMG_1338IMG_1336IMG_1342IMG_1337IMG_1342

Artist of the Week

Well done to our Artist of the Week Oscar. He created some spooktacular wicked witches legs!62AACE0B-FC20-4029-970C-03459AF98FE6

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

A lovely day had by all the boys and bears in Pre-Fab 12 IMG_3734IMG_3735        IMG_3730IMG_3729   IMG_3727

  IMG_3725  !IMG_3724

Sports day fun

IMG_4552 IMG_4553 IMG_4554 IMG_4555 IMG_4556 IMG_4557 IMG_4558 IMG_4559 IMG_4560 IMG_4561 IMG_4562 IMG_4563                                                   The boys had a fantastic day today at their first sports day in school. It was fun and games all the way …. we were all winners in Pre Fab 12.. Look at all the happy faces!

Active School Week

IMG_4501IMG_4500IMG_4509   IMG_4508IMG_4511    IMG_4510IMG_4508IMG_4507  IMG_4503                                                                                                                           Boys enjoys Karate with Monica today- great fun had by all!

Aistear (The Farm) Prefab 9

We started our Aistear theme of the Farm today. We had fun in our Farm Shop, making cows using paper plates, creating farm animals using playdough, playing with our farm toys and building barns using blocks!

IMG_2976 IMG_2975 IMG_2974 IMG_2973 IMG_2972 IMG_2971 IMG_2970 IMG_2969 IMG_2967 IMG_2966

What Time Is It?

We are learning all about Time in room 4!

20210427_112042 20210427_112535 20210427_112527 20210427_112432 20210427_113353 20210427_113346 20210427_112107 20210427_114120 20210427_112104 20210427_114115 20210427_113506 20210427_112126

Child Protection Risk Assessment 2021

Child Protection Risk Assessment 2021

Fighting Words

Last week we took part in a workshop called ‘Fighting Words’.

We were joined on Zoom with a brilliant bunch of people and even an editor, who taught us how to write a story.

Together we created the start and middle of our story ‘Harry the Guinea Pig Cop’.

20210414_115235 20210414_115238 20210414_115246 20210414_115256 20210414_115302 20210414_115249 20210419_121619 20210419_121626 20210419_121645

Then, we created our own endings individually. Here are some of our funny endings:

20210419_121801 20210419_121523 20210419_121246 20210419_120603 20210419_120516 20210419_120558 20210419_120529

First Class Spring Hunt

We found signs of Spring on our Spring Hunt.

We found some daffodils, lots of buds, two ladybirds, a nest and some other Spring flowers.

20210414_134444 20210414_134442 20210414_134428 20210414_133628 20210414_134504 20210414_134500 20210414_134426 20210414_133635