Oisín gets a reply from Don Conroy

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Letter writing

The boys wrote letters to lots of different people.

James wrote a letter to the Arsenal Football Club manager.


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Oisín wrote to Don Conroy and drew a beautiful picture of an octopus too!

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Love You to Pieces!

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Magic of Music

Senior Infant boys in room 4 had a great time exploring the ways they can make different sounds to make weather in the Magic of Music workshop.

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The Clock

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Sam Maguire comes to Room 6

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Spooktacular Haunted Houses

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The Sam Maguire

20191015_111520We had Bernard Brogan and Sean Burglar in our classroom on Tuesday with the Sam Maguire – the boys were very excited and got to touch the cup to make a wish .I wonder what they wished for !!

Back to School Service

We had a lovely Back to School Service in the church with Fr John O’Brien last week. It was a great way to start the year. Well done everyone.

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The boys are having a great time doing GAA with Mark for the last few weeks.