Physical Activity


Our school promotes inclusive physical activity throughout each school day.

Some of the ways we stay active are:

1) Incorporating daily active breaks- GoNoodle, 10@10, 5 minute exercises

2) We incorporate physical activities into yard time and we make use of our playground equipment- soccer, basketball, skipping, hoola hoops and hurdles.

3) Whole-School Running Initiative- Drop Everything and Run (D.E.A.R)- Junior Infants run 3 laps of both yards, Senior Infants run 4 laps and First Class run 5 laps.

4) We have active lines whereby our playground leaders take charge of doing exercises on the line- jumping jacks, knee tucks, sprinting on the spot, bunny hops, side jumps etc.

5) ‘Do your talking as you are walking’ strategy.

6) Move-It Monday- Active homework.

7) Game of the Month – Each class is taught the game of the month by their teacher.

8) Active Rhyme of the Month.

9) Active Calendar Events- Halloween Witch Walk, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Active School Week, Annual Sports Day, Annual Sponsored walk, Trip to Ashtown Castle.