Active School Meeting – Running Initiative

Friday brought an end to our running initiative for March.  For the past month, our staff and pupils have been encouraged to ‘Drop Everything and Run’ once a day, every day.

Today our Active Schools Committee met to discuss and evaluate the initiative.  Here are some comments the boys themselves had to share about running every day.

“It’s very good exercise.”

“It made us fit.”

“It was fun and it’s a break from work.  It was good to do the laps everyday.”

“Exercise is good for our brain.”

“In First Class we don’t get as much G.A.A. so it was nice to be active.”

“I learned how to run slower and control my breath so I could run for longer.”

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Active School Committee Meeting

Our Active Schools Committee have been busy meeting up and discussing new excercises that can be done in the line. The boys decided on the following exercises and tried them out:
– Jogging on the spot
– Hopping on one foot
– Jumping Jacks
– Bunny Hops
– T-Pose balance
They are looking forward to encouraging their classmates to get involved in an active line after break times.
Good work, team!
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Active School Committee

Our Active School Committee have been working away this year coming up with ideas for our school.

They even found a way to be active during their meeting!

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Drop Everything and Run!

All of our classes are taking part in DEAR (Drop Everything and Run) for the month of March. Every day the Junior Infants are running 3 laps of the school, the Senior Infants are running 4 laps of the school and the First Classes are running 5 laps! The boys are focusing on running at a steady pace and having fun!

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PE Equipment

Thanks to the hard work of our Parents’ Association, we now have a great variety of PE equipment for the boys to use. As you can see in the photos, we store the equipment in clear boxes which enable both staff and children to see at a glance what is on the shelves. We also have bags with footballs, basketballs and Gaelic footballs.

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Move Well, Move Often


Two of our teachers attended the Move Well, Move Often seminar in November 2018. The seminar was facilitated by the PDST. The Move Well, Move Often initiative focuses on developing the physical literacy of the pupil through the lens of fundamental movement skills. Seminar 2 focused on stability skills. In the seminar teachers were given a range of resources and tools to support the teaching of fundamental movement skills through physical education. The resources include a Teacher Guide and three Activity Books.

On the day, teachers took part in active P.E. lessons which focused on the fundamental movement skill of stability, with specific emphasis on landing and balancing techniques. Teachers also gave each other feedback by way of peer assessment.

As a follow up to attending this seminar, the teachers who attended the course went through the powerpoint presentation with the teaching staff and then taught the ‘Dance Around Ireland’ lesson to fellow teachers. This dance was then taught to pupils in P.E. lessons.

Active School Homework

To promote activity levels at home, we are now recommending that the boys spend 10 mins every day on Active Homework. The boys have brought home 4 pages of suggested activities. These are short activities that can be done anywhere with no equipment necessary. Every day, choose three activities from the pages. Remember to vary the activities so that you don’t do the same ones every day! Maybe the boys might encourage their family members to get involved and get active with them!