GoNoodle Dancers!

If you need any professional dancers, Ms Marica has plenty in her class!

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We love GAA!

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Maths week

Maths week runs between 12th-16th of October and we had a great start to the week!

Today we played bingo, counted the days left until Halloween (19) and Christmas (74) and went on a Maths Trail in our yard!

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Bats flying in the sky can be seen,

As it is nearly Halloween!

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Our Friendship Puppets!

Today we learnt about Friendship and how we all have friends and are friends. We talked about what we like about our friends and then we made friendship puppets!

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Germs, Germs, Go Away!

Today we learnt about different germs. We learnt that there are good and bad germs, and talked about how we can protect ourselves from germs like washing our hands regularly,  keeping our distance and covering our cough and sneeze! Then we created our own germ monsters! How cool are they?!

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I am Special!

This week we’ve learnt that we are all special and have different talents and unique qualities. We’ve talked about how we all fit together perfectly in our classroom and how each of our qualities make us shine.

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We read ‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynold and recreated our very own unique dots that our teacher loves!


Autumn in our classroom

We have been very busy in September getting back into the routine of school and learning all about Autumn. We’ve learnt that the days get shorter and the nights get longer, that leaves turn different colours and fall off the trees, that different animals such as hedgehogs, squirrels and foxes hibernate, and that birds fly away or migrate to warmer countries.

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We know all about the harvest and the great job farmers and scarecrows do!